About M/s. G.H. Shukla & Company

Unique in its thinking and practice in Mumbai

M/s G. H. Shukla & Co. was established in 1956 & provides comprehensive & innovative legal advice in filed, civil and criminal cases.

G. H. Shukla & Co. is unique in its thinking and practice. Comprised of a group of multi-disciplinary professionals with wide ranging educations, backgrounds and experience, this exceptional group has one thing in common - a passion for the law. It is this shared passion that brings together seasoned lawyers with motivated young attorneys all working together, inspired and looking to achieve more for their clients.

We understand that in the current economic environment you need a lawyer who will understand your business. That’s why we offer multi-disciplinary professional counsel and strategic legal and business advice that is based on years of experience, accompanying businesses like yours.

Finally, in an effort to always remain up-to-date, we invite our attorneys to refresh, renew and continually develop their skills and knowledge base, as well as stay abreast of legal and business developments.

At G. H. Shukla & Co. we never stop striving to provide the very best legal services. Alongside those services, we feel there is place for creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box. We believe these are the foundations that place our firm time and again as one of the leading law firms in Israel.

Our clients view G. H. Shukla & Co. as their "partners in growth" as we ensure that they retain their competitive edge in their respective business arenas by concentrating on their core competencies, while we take care of their legal issues.