Notary Services

Wide range of Notary Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Shri G. H. Shukla is a Maharashtra state registered Notary Public & Mr. Jitendra G. Shukla is an Union of India registered Notary offering fast, efficient and reliable notary services in Mumbai. He specialises in providing notarial services to individuals as well as commercial companies in Mumbai. Mr. Shukla can help in all of your documentary requirements including:

  • Administering oaths, affidavits, statutory declarations and depositions
  • Preparing and witnessing documents such as powers of attorney, Partnership deeds
  • Certifying copy academic qualifications, passports and other documents and authenticating copy documents and signatures
  • Dealing with documents for the purchase or sale of land and property including Sale Deeds, Gift Deeds, Reliquish Deeds etc
  • Notarising wills and residential mortgages
  • Dealing with documents required for Change of Name, Marriage Certificates, Registration of Births & Deaths
  • Providing legal scrutiny and opinion for executing property and real estate documents
  • Indemnifying bonds, settlement deeds etc
  • Translation of legal documents in all languages including